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#SG75Timelapse by SKYSHOT

Skyshot was started in 2013 with a vision to be Asia's leading time-lapse and aerial filming company. Our first DIY time-lapse camera system was created the same year when we embarked on a 3-year timelapse project for Mapletree Business City. Subsequently, we wanted to create a time-lapse camera system that would be used worldwide. Tbox Timelapse Camera was created in 2015. To date, we have deployed more than 250 time-lapse cameras and created a worldwide community of Tbox users.


Our Team


SKYSHOT was founded by CK Chan & Michael Chua in 2013. SKYSHOT’s talented crew has contributed to winning multiple awards in recent years. Some of the awards include film festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Sundance & Cannes.


Skyshot has captured Singapore's growth and transformation, deploying over 250 timelapse cameras since 2013. Here are some of our past and ongoing timelapse projects. 


We are a social movement to capture Singapore's fast-changing landscape through timelapse, for archival, celebration, and future generations.

Our Movement


We aim to capture Singapore's transformation with timelapse videos for the next 17 years until 2040, when our nation celebrates its 75th birthday. 

Community Empowerment

We believe that community involvement is essential to the success of our movement. We work with local organizations and groups to empower communities to play an active role in documenting their neighborhoods and the changes that occur.

Education and Awareness

We believe that education is key to creating a lasting impact. Through our outreach programs, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of documenting our city's transformation and inspire others to get involved.

Art and Culture

Our movement recognizes the importance of art and culture in Singapore's transformation. We work with local timelapse contributors to showcase the beauty of our city and its diverse cultural heritage.

Preserving History

Our movement is not just about capturing the present, but also preserving the past. Through our timelapse videos, we are able to show the evolution of Singapore over the years and preserve the history of our city.


We believe that collaboration is essential to achieving our goals. We work with a wide range of organizations and individuals to promote our movement and inspire others to get involved.

Artificial Intelligence

High-Resolution images contain many data points that can be accessible in the context of Visual AI, Spacial AI, and Historical AI. Combined with social interactions, traffic, footfall & AI meta-tagging. The data collected can be more meaningful and accessible.


In 2020, Skyshot mounted a Titan 3 long-term time-lapse camera system atop Marina Bay Sands. The camera documents the evolution of the Singapore City skyline in DSLR-quality images. With a recording interval of 15 minutes, it will operate 24/7 until 2040! That is a whopping 1 million photos when the project is completed.


Capturing Singapore's Transformation

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