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Documenting Singapore's First Polder Project

Skyshot has been documenting this land reclamation work in the northern area of Pulau Tekong. This polder construction project is the size of two Toa Payoh towns. The construction is done by Penta-Ocean Construction & Boskalis joint venture.

This will be our third long-term filming project in Pulau Tekong. Skyshot also documents the reclamation in works in the island's eastern and southern areas under Hyundai Construction and Toa Corporation, respectively.

A total of 8 Titan Timelapse Cameras are installed for this project. Skyshot also conducts monthly drone filming for this project.

The approach of empoldering entails constructing a dike to enclose the land to be reclaimed and removing water from it, forming a low-lying area known as a polder below sea level. A dike safeguards the polder from the sea, and pumps and drainage systems regulate water levels within it. This method reduces the amount of sand required for reclamation, resulting in lower upfront construction expenses when compared to the conventional sand-infilling method. Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of the process.

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